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This is caused by racoons and other animals digging into the.

Feb 08, Raccoon’s, skunks, birds and other animals will dig into your lawn if they know you have grubs and unfortunately they do not have any table manners so your lawn will be left looking like this: Do I Need Grub Control? If you see that your lawn has been dug up by animals then you do need to get grub control. HOWEVER, THIS WILL NOT STOP ANIMALS FROM. Raccoons will “roll-up” a lawn while searching for grubs and other larval insects.

Skunks make small individual holes when they search for insect larva. Squirrels will dig holes when they burry food. Raccoons and skunks work only at night. Oct 29, Animals such as raccoons, skunks, moles, and other rodents will feed on lawn grubs. They will strip away your grass or dig tunnels underneath in search for one of their favorite delicacies. Important note: Many of these animals including. Grubs and other root-feeding insects can cause poor seedling growth and even death.

Diagnosing what is wrong requires pulling up the tree and examining the roots during the growing season.

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Online Information CTN 8: Control of Root-Feeding Insects in Fraser Fir Christmas Trees – fact sheet on white grubs, black vine weevils, and root aphids Scouting for White. White Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles and can be identified by their white, c-shaped bodies and tendency to reside below the soil’s surface. These turf-damaging insects are known to chew off the roots of grass, causing extensive damage to home lawns. Weed Man’s preventative control treatments are the most effective remedy for stopping grubs in their.

While their adult beetles might not have that many natural predators, the grubs are eaten by many. Insectivores such as Skunks, Raccoons, and Opossums, will dig up your lawn to get to them. Typically individual grubs do not attract much attention, but a large group of them can be worth digging up for a feast.